Green Living Tips and Ideas

1.  Collecting aluminum cans for money or just collecting them and putting them away in the recycle bin.


2.  Growing your own herbs, fruit, vegetables or flowers.


3.  Donating old clothes, shoes, books to church sales, thrift stores or just people in need versus just throwing the clothes away.


4.  Re-gifting


5.  Using baby wipe containers for storage.






            -collections(rock, or cards)


            -hair accessories


6.  Reusable shopping bags


7. Saving bubble wrap/popcorn/packing paper to reuse if you ship packages


8.  Using Vinegar to clean green


9.  Eliminating junk credit card offers by opting out of prescreening


10.  Using energy saving light bulbs, energy star appliances and reducing printing pages

11.  Recycle empty prescription pill bottles


              - I take seeds out of fruit and vegetables, dry them out and store in these bottles


              -  They can be used to store buttons if you sew or use them for crafts


              - They can be used for medical kit supplies-buy big box of q-tips and put a few in the bottles


                 or bandages.  These items can get put in the old baby wipe containers.


              -can squeeze lotion in them from big bottles to take on the go


              -can store small collections like change or rocks


             -can store hair pins in the bottles